Saturday, April 30, 2011

Final Featured Selection: "Wisdom No Longer Comes with Age" by Lidia Francese

wisdom no longer comes with age
by lidia francese

last night, a dream
almost held my hand,
grass-stains on my knees
consuming themselves
i couldn’t be
under a swing set
because there wasn’t one.
have come to find her

and dark, under a bridge
she had eyes like two turntables,
the voice of a wobbling solo
under my hands
she had a neck already noosed,
she had forgotten how to cry.
wasn’t done with her.

dragging a dead-weight body,
couldn’t hold my hand
she was beating
on doors
i didn’t know how to open
my mind.
will never be done with her.

and from the bottom up
never looks like the top down,
hands on the wheel
riding around
the radio staying on
turned to static,
no reception
at her wedding.
wish i could scratch those eyes
one more time.

the dj to the band:
play all their songs 
in reverse order
and maybe he will 
hold her hand,
firsts come last—
ly i would like to say
have yet to start with her.