Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 12th

TobbyMoran said...

Little Ones

Little feet
Run back and forth
Little stutter steps
Like a snare drum before the reveal

Little hands
Reach for everything
Too high, too big, too full of liquid
Everything that is under something else

This gets knocked down,
That gets spilled onto to the floor
Everything goes into the mouth
Just for a taste

Light colored eyes so big, so bright
Trying to take in everything at once
Smile so big, so bright
Warming everything at once

Curiosity and energy meet:
…Ooohhh. Takka Takka!”
Or so he says…

Little Sister
Follows everywhere Big Brother goes
Hands and knees, stuttering steps…
Sounds like a herd.

Smaller hands
Legs unsteady
Reaching for things too tall,
Too big, too full of liquid

Darker eyes, just as bright,
Gap toothed smile just as bright, just as quick
“Eh? Aaahh!!”
Or so she says.

Four-pawed and wagging tails,
my fuzzy girl and boy
dodging babies,
can't wait to meet me.

She wants her walk,
he wants his sniff,
something they've been waiting for
all day.

When I come home
It’s to a pack
Of hands and feet, paws and tails
Howling huskies and babbling babies

I’m not sure why I ever leave.